Thank you to everyone who entered the Lostock. The winners were selected from 20 pieces chosen by Mabel Watson and then judged anonymously by Wendy Klein. Below are the winners and Wendy's report on the winning poems.

The prize-giving will take place during a new poetry festival in Swindon at 'Mabel's House' (a metaphorical home) Gallery Number 9, Artsite, on Saturday October 6th at 7:30pm. Wendy Klein will be reading from her collections and all winning and short listed poets are invited to read. This will be a fun, relaxed event organised by 'Domestic Cherry'

For photos of Mabel's House see HERE

First Prize: Jo Peters Afterwards -- an astonishingly credible villanelle which is not blatantly sexual, but tender, sensual and convincing.. The villanelle is a challenging form, but this one worked for me.

Second Prize: GrĂ¡inne Tobin When She Thinks Of Sex She Thinks of Cabbages -- I loved the humour of this -- the coming of age story, the detail of the child growing up. The reference to the book. Also, winner for 'Best Title'

Third Prize: Maurice Devitt The Joy of Sets -- I had to admire the cleverness of this little tale of infidelity told in mathematics.

Commended writing (in order)

1) Gale Burns Scent: This is the most blatantly sexual of all of my choices, but it was tender at once, and its focus on the olfactory resonated powerfully for me!

2) Afric McGlinchey Poetry: In just nine lines, we get cunnilingus as a poem -- delightful -- couldn't help myself.

3) Pauline Seawards The Joy of Sex: Despite the fact that this poem is not as carefully crafted as it might be, the narrative worked for me; the way the actual title and drawings were used.

4) Michael Scott Playing twister with my brother's sister: Clever and to-the-point -- recognisable picture of the child play/experimentation that precedes the adult culmination, teasing the imagination.

Short listed writing to be published in the pamphlet titles ' When She Thinks Of Sex She Thinks of Cabbages ' writings for the Joy of Sex 40 years on.

Shortlisted writings (not in any order):

The Tandem by Simon Williams

The Sexual Position by Simon Williams

The Wildest Party by Jacci Garside

Organs of Pleasure by Peter Wyton

Sun Stroke by John Ling

Squat by Diane Slanley

The Appliance of Love by Max Hawker

Eden Garden-on-the-hill by Michael Millman

The Sculpter by Katie Moudry

Hibernation by Philip Rogers

Safe Sex by Alison Brumsfit

Sex and Chocolate by Alison Brumsfit

Bridge by Valerie Sirr

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